About Buttons-:

Made from age old natural materials like bone, wood, shell, metals etc. to plastic, polyester, nylon, rubber etc, buttons are the oldest method of holding or fastening two portions of garments.

Indispensable for garment manufacturers and exporters, buttons, along with the range of garment accessories, are an essential part of the complete process of making top quality garments, bags, etc. Whatever your interest in buttons, whether as a businessperson or an individual entrepreneur, zipsbuttons.com has the most extensive range of buttons for your individual needs and specifications.

Types of buttons depend on the functionality and range from permanently fixed two parts button like jeans buttons to buttons like shank, two top hole, four top hole to concealed bottom hole. You can pick and choose from our exhaustive product gallery with a range of buttons from plastic to various metal and metal plated buttons as a sampling of our inventory. All buttons, as with other products at zipsbuttons.com are distinctively crafted with only the best possible materials to give you products and quality that are unmatched in their category.

Available in hundreds of colours, styles and types, we match the best quality with the most competitive prices.

At zipsbuttons.com, it is our constant endeavour to provide you the best products. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, please do write/ call us.